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Antitrust laws are designed to promote and protect competition and fairness in the workplace. When antitrust laws are violated, legal action is often required to enforce the laws and maintain fair competition for the benefit of consumers and businesses. The Paynter Law Firm has successfully represented consumers and businesses in a diverse array of antitrust matters including, but not limited to, price-fixing, market allocation agreements, and anti-competitive practices.

We recently represented certain small businesses in an antitrust matter filed against Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. for alleged anti-competitive actions and antitrust violations related to a monopoly that Valeant acquired over the market for certain specialty contact lens materials. We currently represent consumers in an antitrust matter wherein compensation is being sought from propane tank manufacturers for allegedly conspiring to reduce the fill levels of their tanks and thereby costing consumers millions of dollars. Additionally, our founding attorney, Stuart M. Paynter, started his career representing Microsoft in the famous antitrust case brought against Microsoft by the United States Department of Justice, as well as in numerous individual cases against Microsoft brought by private consumers.

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