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Commercial Contract Dispute

Commercial Contract Dispute Cases

We have extensive experience handling complex commercial disputes including contract disputes on behalf of individuals and small businesses.  In such cases, we are often able to bring our general expertise to bear and uncover non-contractual legal theories that, in many cases, may lead to recoveries in excess of contractual damages.  Most recently, we represented the original designer and programmer of the football videogame John Madden Football and succeeded in obtaining a jury verdict on a 20 year old contract.  More information on that case is available here


Antonick v. Electronic Arts

The Paynter Law Firm represents Robin Antonick in litigation against Electronic Arts. Mr. Antonick, the programmer behind the original Madden NFL videogame, alleges that Electronic Arts owes him millions in royalties based on software development contracts between himself and Electronic Arts. The action is currently pending in the Northern District of California. Read More