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Representing Individuals and Small Businesses on a Contingency Fee Basis
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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

We have extensive experience handling complex commercial disputes and litigation, including contract disputes, on behalf of individuals and businesses. In such cases, we are able to utilize our diverse experiences, knowledge, and skills to uncover non-contractual legal theories that, in many cases, may lead to recoveries in excess of contractual damages. Most recently, we represented the original designer and programmer of the football videogame John Madden Football and succeeded in obtaining a jury verdict on a 20 year old contract.  More information on that case is available here


The Paynter Law Firm represents clients solely on a contingency fee basis, even with our complex and commercial litigation matters. Additionally, we understand that litigation can be expensive, especially when it comes to expert costs as well as discovery and trial expenses. We advance those costs on behalf of our clients, unlike many other firms that require the clients to pay for costs up front or retain expensive litigation financing.


We have extensive experience working with complex, document-intensive cases. To manage these cases, we utilize innovative software that increases our effectiveness and efficiency when it comes to document review, e-discovery, productions, metadata analysis, and coding. Additionally, we have experience working with forensic and IT experts when needed to identify, recover, and analyze documents and information stored on protected devices such as encrypted servers and hard drives.