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Data Breach

Data Breach

Have you ever taken a personality test or quiz online via Facebook? Perhaps you had to download an application called “thisisyourdigitallife” in order to take that test. If so, recent research indicates that this app may be responsible for accessing, using, and/or selling your personal data and your friends’ personal data.

Many times, social media users are prompted or required to download apps or grant various permissions online in order to access certain games, quizzes, and more. Users rely on the promises made in the terms and conditions of the social media platform as well as that of the app. Unfortunately, there are people and companies out there who collect and exploit user data obtained through various social media platforms and applications.

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Recently, Cambridge Analytica has been reported to have exploited information collected from millions of people. How did this happen? Recent news reports indicate that around 270,000 people downloaded the personality test application “thisisyourdigitallife” via Facebook. The app reportedly accessed the personal data of those people as well as the personal data of their friends. This data is believed to have been used in various ways for reasons and purposes that were not approved by the users of the application.

Do I Have the App?

You can use your phone or your computer to check your Facebook applications and see if the app “thisisyourdigitallife” is in your list of Facebook apps. This article provides directions on how to access and review your Facebook applications.

What Does This Mean for Me?

Many people are concerned about the possibility of identity theft, violation of their privacy rights, misuse of their personal data, and more. People are not keen on the thought of an application accessing more personal data that it had permission to access and then exploiting that data for financial or other gains. Many also have unanswered questions and concerns regarding their privacy rights and the violation of those rights.

What Can I Do?

If you downloaded the application “thisisyourdigitallife”, or believe you may have downloaded the application, contact us. We can help you review your Facebook account to determine whether the app is still listed in your Facebook applications. We can also talk with you about your rights and options. Our legal team has years of experience handling data breach and security matters. We believe our clients have identity and privacy rights that must be protected and defended. The consultation is free, so call us today at (844) 472-9683.