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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

While we do not handle patent cases, the firm does have experience handling trade secret and copyright litigation.  The firm’s first case involved a contract and trade secret dispute between a small business and a large publicly traded corporation.  Prior to our involvement, our client had offered to settle for $11 million. We got the client $21 million. The firm also recently obtained a jury verdict for the author of the videogame Madden NFL. The issue in that case was whether certain subsequent versions were “derivative works” within the meaning of US copyright law entitling our client to compensation. For more information on that case, see Antonick v. Electronic Arts.


Antonick v. Electronic Arts

The Paynter Law Firm represents Robin Antonick, the programmer behind the hugely successful Madden NFL videogame, in litigation against videogame publisher Electronic Arts. Read more.

NCAA Player Likeness Litigation

The Paynter Law Firm was appointed co-lead counsel in class-action litigation against the NCAA and Electronic Arts on behalf of student-athletes whose names and likenesses were used without permission or compensation in EA’s NCAA-branded videogames. Read more.